Arkos Tracker V2.0.0a4 released!

Finally! After 5 months of work, here is it. It includes some cool features, such as:

  • Copy/paste in the Pattern Viewer
  • An arpeggios generator
  • An YM analyser tool (read any YM and extracts sounds to use in your own tunes!)
  • A UI overhaul: more space for the Pattern Viewer.
  • Player optimizations via a unique feature called “player configuration”: the players now adapt to the songs. Only the parts that are required are compiled. As a result, you can save a lot of memory and CPU!
  • Chip’n’Sfx and Vortex Tracker 2 import.


3 thoughts on “Arkos Tracker V2.0.0a4 released!

    1. Thanks! Just wait for the next version, it will have a lot of cool stuff (but you’ll have to wait at least a month… Still a lot to do).

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