Effects reference

Here is the list of all the effects managed in the patterns.

All pitch and volume slides continue till a new note is found. No need to spread these effects on several lines for a continuing effect! Use a 0 value to stop them if needed. Pitch effects will stop on each new note.

  • a: arpeggio table
  • b: arpeggio on 3 notes (the current one plus the two of the effect)
  • c: arpeggio on 4 notes (the current one plus the three of the effect)
  • u: pitch up
  • d: pitch down
  • e: fast pitch up
  • f: fast pitch down
  • g: pitch glide
  • p: pitch table
  • v: volume
  • i: volume in (louder)
  • o: volume out (softer)
  • r: reset, and inverted volume
  • s: force the speed of an instrument
  • w: force the speed of an arpeggio
  • x: force the speed of a pitch