Some news!

It’s time to give some news. Even though nothing seems to have moved very much in the last few months, Arkos Tracker has actually quite evolved! But you can’t see it yet… Just wait the next version!

It will contain a lot of new options, and some very interesting new features on the players. Just wait and see! I hope to make a release in two months max.

(I’ve also been busy cleaning the ugly mess spammers have left exactly while I was on holidays, thanks guys).

Thanks a lot to those who gave me feedback. AT2 seems to have be quite a success, whereas it is still in alpha. And I still didn’t really talked about it on the net (on purpose)!

2 thoughts on “Some news!

  1. Hi Targhan! That’s great news. Thanks for making this program, and thanks for the update!

    I’ve been using Arkos a little bit lately and I really like the interface – it’s very attractive. I’m looking forward to seeing future developments! I hope you will get “undo” working as that seems quite essential! 🙂

    In the future, I’m hoping to make some lovely game music with Arkos and if I do I will let you know! 🙂

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