Generic components

In order to keep the interface friendly and effective, a lot of generic shortcuts have been done.


The grids

Many elements in the interface are considered "grids", exactly like Excel sheets. This is the case of:

  • The linker

  • The expression

  • The instrument editor

These grids are made of columns and rows, on which is the cursor : click on an item and use the arrow keys to move it.

arrows Move the cursor.

The classical keys apply:

begin Go to the first column.

end Go to the last column.

page up Go one page up.

page down Go one page down.

mouse click + drag Make a selection.

Note: the selection works but copy/paste are NOT implemented yet.


In order to change a value, several means:

  • Directly enter the number or text.
  • Double-click and enter the text.

Or modify the values with these keys:

ctrl + up Increase of one.

ctrl + down Decrease of one.

ctrl + shift + up Increase of several units.

ctrl + shift + down Decrease of several units.


You can also insert and delete any columns:

ins Insert a row.

delete Delete a row.


A handy shortcut to duplicate the selected items and copy them to the next rows:

space Duplicate selected items to the next rows.



The sliders

The values are shown in hexadecimal, and values types must also be in hexadecimal.

To edit a value:

  • Click on it and type the value. Press enter to validate.
  • Use the mouse wheel over the value to increase/decrease it.