Is it an open-source project?

Not currently. It will at some point, but for now, this is the toy box I use to learn, try stuff, have fun. The source will become public when I deem the software mature enough and most features are implemented.

Can I use the players in my production?

Of course! The players are MIT-licensed. Basically, you can use and modify them at will, in any production, free or sold, open or closed source.

One nice (but non-mandatory) thing you can do would be to put a credit somewhere in your production about Arkos Tracker 2, and we'll be best friends ever.

What assembler to use to compile the Z80 sources?

Rasm, but don't worry, thanks to Disark, you can convert the sources to any assembler! Please check this page for more information.

I can see Z80 sources. What about Atari ST, Vectrex and Oric players?

The 68000 (Atari ST) AKY player has been brilliantly done by ggn, and one version is in the package. The latest version can be found on ggn's repository here.

6502 AKY player (Oric/Apple 2) is now done, thanks to Arnaud Cocquière.

Vectrex AKY player is coded by other people which may still work on it. There is even a Dragon version on the way!

I want to help and convert the Z80 sources into the XXX processor

... But the sources are so complicated! Indeed, with all the conditional assembling, the sources are hard to decipher. The solution is to clean the sources by using Disark, which will recreate the source, without all the macros and conditions.

Should I still use Arkos Tracker 1 instead of 2?

No. Not at all. AT1 is not as stable, not as powerful, not as user-friendly. It is not supported anymore and will not evolve one bit. So unless you are so in love with it that you don't have the heart to leave it (and I thank you for this), you should use AT2.

Is there a sample player available to play the songs including samples?

Yes, a 3-channel MOD player is now included (since alpha3 version). Import a MOD, save it to RAW and use the MOD player included to the package (please read the instructions in the player carefully to know what parameters to use when exporting to RAW).

Will a half-track player be released (two FMs, two digi channels)?

Such players are possible, I did it for the Landscape part of the DemoIzArt. But I will probably not do it, as the FM player is available, and the MOD player eventually. It will be up to the coder to do the rest. You have all the cards in your hand to create one. For now, my advice is use the AKY format for the FM part, and your custom "Digitrack" player with the data from to the raw export.

Will there be ST-SID one day?

Who knows, maybe? Depends on how much you ask for it. There is nothing that can prevent AT2 from including SID support. The problem lies on the hardware: SID players are quite tricky to do, and a player I would provide may not fit all the needs, resulting in a player that no one would use.