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    I’m converting a MOD file to YM2149. I started by importing the MOD into Arkos, but pitch effects were not converted. I’m trying to convert MOD effect “3xx – Tone Portamento” to Arkos effect G. The MOD effect seems to make sense, glide from previous note to current note by xx units every tick. When I try to use a g effect on a second note in a pattern it glides from that note, not from the previous note. If you put a g effect on the first note in a pattern the note isn’t played. Can anyone tell me how g works at a very low level, like what happens to the pitch each tick(e.g each update based on the reply rate).


    Tone portamento is simple to emulate. Just put the G effect along with the note you want to reach, with a speed:

    C-4 01

    C-5 01 G12

    And that’s it, the note will glide. The speed works exactly like the pitch. You can check the “fun with effects” music for a demo.


    Thanks for your help, it was useful. I can see that Gxxx can be used same as 3xx on the Amiga. I think the issue is that the values for 3xx (and 1xx and 2xx) on the Amiga need more conversion for Arkos, I think this is because both Arkos and MOD player routines use these values to adjust the hardware pitch values. As a rough guide for 1xx and Exxx I’m finding that from C-3 the value for the E effect needs to be about 4 times the value from the 1xx effect in the MOD file. I think I will need to look at the Arkos and mod file reply routines to come up with a definitive conversion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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