This is the current features that I think to integrate to the following releases of Arkos Tracker. However, feedback from users can change these priorities, so don’t hesitate to contact me about it!

Remember, Arkos Tracker 2 is still in alpha, so many features that may seem “basic” are not included yet.

In the oven (for the next version)

  • Adapt the players to Spectrum, Spectrum Next, MSX hardware, Sharp MZ 700.
  • Export samples, MOD Z80 player
  • More comprehensive volume balance handling between channels
  • Management of various mix for each PSG (ABC, ACB, BAC, etc.).


  • Copy/paste
  • Undo/redo
  • Full-retrig integration (new technique to synchronize hardware and software envelope)
  • YM emulation.


  • Midi in
  • More MOD effects support on import?
  • Import from PT3?
  • Import from MPTM (OpenMPT / Modplug Tracker)
  • Edition feature in the Sample Viewer?
  • Digidrum in YM export
  • Release Arkos Tracker as open-source


  • SID support