Arkos Tracker and the Z80 players are coded and designed by Julien Névo a.k.a Targhan/Arkos.

Application icon by SuperSylvestre/Les Sucres en Morceaux.

Third parties software

  • Rasm by Roudoudou/Flower Corp – a Z80 assembler, used to assemble the generated Z80 sources into binaries.
  • LZH depack code by Haruhiko Okumura (1991) and Kerwin F. Medina (1996). C++ wrapper by Arnaud Carré (Leonard) – used to depack YM files.
  • libz80 by Gabriel Gambetta and Wayne Conrad – a Z80 emulator, used for some test units.

Special thanks

Thanks to Grim/Arkos for the PSG volume measurements.

Thanks to Zik for his insights, suggestions, and the nice debates about players and music software.

Thanks to TotO for his PlayCity and great CPC hardware.