10/10/2016 :: Imperial Mahjong

A new game on CPC! It's a Mahjong Solitaire using a outstanding new graphic modes allowing to have a superb rendering. Check the Game section to download it!

21/11/2012 :: Arkos Tracker Stable Player and Orion Prime in German

It's been quite a long time! Anyway, there are one recent news and an old one: a new player for Arkos Tracker has been released: it allows CPC songs to be played within a stable amount of cycles, which is very handy for productions that need tight synchronisation! The price to pay is a slower player (35 scanlines) but the memory footprint is still peanuts compared to any other streamed players. Check out the Tools page to download it.

The second news is the release of Orion Prime in German - about four months ago, erm -, thanks to the incredible work of TFM and Octoate. Go to the Games section to download it!

09/07/2010 :: Arkos Tracker V1.0

The betas seemed stable enough, so let's make a V1.0 out of them !

Here's the changelist :

  • The "Load Song" dialog can now load both AKS and SKS files at the same time.
  • You use use the command line to load a song.
  • Drag'n'drop possible to the Arkos Tracker executable file to load a song.
  • Bug corrected : Could not close the application with the top-right cross when the player was active.

Go into the Tools section to download it !

29/06/2010 :: Arkos Tracker V1.0 Beta 4

A new beta for our Windows-based Tracker.

Here's the changelist :

  • Ability to drag'n'drop AKS, AKI, SKS files into the Arkos Tracker.
  • Ability to limit the Pattern Viewer refresh rate in order to improve performance.
  • Load Song and Import SKS options are now mixed into one single option.
  • Corrected a bug that could make the Pattern Viewer not refreshed after having entered a volume, pitch or instrument.
  • Corrected a bug that would make the player use a wrong frequency when changing the replay frequency.
  • Corrected a bug that would make sounds not evolve on Speed 1 while adding them in the Pattern Viewer.
  • Slight improvement of the replay routine (shouldn't be noticeable in 16 bits, but should in 8), after Dadman noticed a bug in the 8 bits replay.
  • A few cycles optimisations of the player (thanks to Grim/Arkos).
  • Spectrum player redesigned, corrected, and optimised by Grim/Arkos (using the "Molusk" song, max TM is 5300t, average is 2400t).
  • MSX player test debugged by Syx. MSX DSK updated by Syx.
  • Source of the CPCBooster client and management now included (Sources/CPCBooster).

Go into the Tools section to fetch it !

11/06/2010 :: Arkos Tracker V1.0 Beta 3

A small beta for our Windows-based Tracker.

Here's the changelist :

  • AKStoYM, a command line tool to convert any AKS song into an interleaved or non-interleaved YM6 format.
  • MSX2 compatible player test thanks to WYZ.
18/05/2010 :: Arkos Tracker V1.0 Beta 2

A new beta for our Windows-based Tracker.

Here's the changelist :

  • Complete coding of the sound generating and outputing by myself. The emulation is more accurate, and will allow the implementation of samples and Sids in the future.
  • Plug in your best MIDI Keyboard or any MIDI-In device, play and record your music with it !
  • 150hz and 300hz replay modes are now available. They are very slightly slower than on a real CPC. Nothing you should notice...
  • CPCBooster output is now very accurate.
  • Ability to save Interleaved/non-Interleaved YM6 format.
  • AKStoBin : a command line software to converts any AKS song into a binary to use on hardware (.Net or Mono needed).
  • STKtoAKS : a command line software to converts any STarKos songs into an AKS song (.Net or Mono needed).
14/04/2010 :: Arkos Tracker V1.0 Beta unleashed

It is here ! Our Windows-based Tracker is released, as a Beta. It will allow you to compose songs for your CPC, thanks to your soundcard or directly to your CPC, in realtime if you have a CPC Booster ! Please note that the player has also been adapted for MSX, Spectrum and Pentagon 128K...

Check out the Tools section to get it !

19/02/2010 :: Arkos Tracker revealed...

In a few weeks shall be released Arkos Tracker, a Windows-based tracker to compose on PC songs for CPC, but also for any computer that has the same sound processor.

For now, only a tiny video can be found here.

But soon, a whole pack with the Z80 players, tons of songs and sounds will be released...

28/10/2009 :: Orion Prime (FR) is released !

Orion Prime, our biggest project to date, and the biggest game ever on CPC, is now released !

Check the Games section !

17/06/2009 :: STarKos 1.21 is released

After the big update of the 1.2, just a little but important bugfixe, thanks to Tom&Jerry.

Check the Tools section !

15/06/2009 :: Cross-Development Kit

Tired of the limitations of your assembler on PC that doesn't cope well with your emulator ? You want to manage big projects but still want to use your emulator easily ? You want to compile all your scripts, create SNApshot, DSKs, insert them in your emulator by just pressing a single key ? This is now possible ! Check my new cross-dev kit in the Grim's tavern...

15/04/2009 :: Orion Prime is coming...

Orion Prime, the biggest adventure game ever written on CPC, is coming soon. It is an Arkos and Les Sucres En Morceaux cooperation.

Check the teaser on its dedicated website, here...

08/03/2006 :: Arkos ROM Pack V1.1

Hey, a cool update for our ROMs !

This time is added a second Rom, the SNArkos by Grim, which will allow you to transfer SNApshot from emulators directly into the CPC memory through your CPC Booster. A developer's dream !

Some other features in the other Rom, already known :

- WriteDSK to send the DSK directly from your PC to the CPC with a serial port.
- ReadDSK to create a DSK on PC from your CPC Drive !
- A GetFile / SendFile fonction that allows you to load a file from your PC into a CPC disc, and the opposite.
... And a lot more ! Check out the Tools section !

14/11/2005 :: DTC

The DTC is finally out ! A really beautiful demo, designed in collaboration with Beb from Overlanders.

Get it in the Demos section !

23/08/2005 :: Arkos ROM

Here it is, the Arkos ROM that every CPC user, coder and cross-coder should use in his RamCard !

Here are some of the features provided by this ROM :

- A new version of WriteDSK with a CPCBooster support. You can send the DSK directly from your remote computer to the CPC with a serial port.
- A brand new ReadDSK to create a DSK on PC from your CPC Drive !
- A GetFile / SendFile fonction that allows you to load a file from your PC into a CPC disc, and the opposite.
... And a lot more ! Check out the Tools section !

23/08/2005 :: New Website !

Grim strikes again ! This is now our 4th outfit ! I pray for it to remain like that for at least... 4 months :). Anyway, enjoy !

02/05/2005 :: FDC Tools
A new tool is released ! It's FDCTool, which will allow you to use 210k and Amsdos format very easily in your own productions.
07/04/2005 :: Ishido
A new game for your CPC collection ! Ishido, a truly addictive puzzle game, is now available. Have a look at the 'games' section !
02/04/2005 :: DemoizArt
DemoIzArt is released !! Hurry and go to the Demos section to download it ! NOW !!
15/03/2005 :: WriteDSK 1.1
WriteDSK 1.1 is released ! Check the Tools section. A lot of cool improvments, and a better stability.
23/12/2004 :: Banana Joe
A christmas gift for you :). I just stumbled upon a VERY old game I did when I was young... Banana Joe and the Devilish Time Machine !! Find it in the Demos section, at the bottom, well hidden. Sorry, I'm working hard on DemoIzArt, I needed a break :).
26/11/2004 :: WriteDSK beta version
A new tool is available in BETA version. It's WriteDSK, and will allow you to transfert a DSK to a CPC disc !
23/11/2004 :: Demoniak 6 saved !

Demoniak 6 is now available in 2 sides only, thanks to Chany's release. Thanks a lot !

And last but not least, I've managed to recover the first side of Demoniak 2 ! Our Demoniak archive is now COMPLETE ! Wohoo !

16/11/2004 :: The Midline Process

A new production on CPC ! It's a demo called 'The Midline Process'. Check the Demos section to download it !

06/11/2004 :: Arkos Web V3.0

Hello Everybody !

Here's the third version of the Arkos site. The second one, made by Targhan a few days ago, was... erm... not to my taste (sorry :). So I, Grim, quickly designed these pages in one night.

There's a cheatmode somewhere, good luck !

Grim from Kakos :)

03/11/2004 :: Arkos Web V2.0

Hello Everybody !

Here's the second version of the Arkos site. The first one, made by Rainbird a long time ago, was nice but a bit overcrowded and not easily updatable. It is I, Targhan, who decided to make a new one, that I would also host.

As you have noticed, there's nothing impressive here. I don't want to waste my time programing/designing a website. A lot of people stay too long coding php instead of Z80 assembly... The aim of this website is to give you the information you need, quickly. A few clicks and you've got the latest of our news or productions.

Ok, that's it for now. Enjoy the reading. Don't hesitate to download our creations, most of them worth a try :). And don't hesitate to write us, by email or snail mail ! See you soon, and long live the CPC.

Targhan from Arkos.

©1991-2005 Arkos, CPC scene leading group! :)
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