Who are we?

Arkos was founded in mid-90’s by Orphee and Targhan. It’s a group on the Amstrad CPC, an ooooold computer from the 80’s. We support the CPC by releasing mostly games and tools, but we used to produce demos and discmags. We’re avid cross-developpers.

Wanna contact us? Try Targhan’s email: contact at julien-nevo dot com.

Current members:


Code, music.

Targhan is, along with Orphee, the founder of Arkos. He is currently the most (and only?) prolific member of Arkos.


Code, gfx.

Grim knows everything about the CPC’s software and hardware, and proved it via many of his <=1kb demos, and mostly, never released productions. He will eventually get out of hibernation one day to blast everything that has been created on CPC.



Ramlaid is a great coder, master of many CRTC techniques, and also creator of numerous PC tools to help cross-development. He has been kind of retired these last years. But just like bears from Canada do every year, he will unfreeze one day (or night).


They were members of Arkos, a long time ago:



All began with him, after Targhan convinced him to stay on CPC instead of losing his time on Atari ST where he was beginning to code in assembler. Together they did all the Demoniak issues, and a few demos. He progressively lost interest after Demoniak 6, and never managed to finish anything after. So now he’s fired. Yep :).


Code, gfx.

One of our best friend during the 90’s! We made a lot of productions together, especially the Demoniak issues. Sadly, he lost interest in the CPC and in getting in touch with us.


Code, gfx, music.

Epsilon was a very well known figure on CPC. He was very productive, and had simple yet very effective ideas. His ‘Anthology’ was his only demo under the Arkos name, as he left the CPC just after (but on a high mark!).



To be honest we didn’t know him a lot, but he was motivated and had original ideas. The only production he did was the Dangerous demo, downloadable in the Demos section. He left the CPC scene soon after.