Imperial Mahjong: new awesome game on CPC!

Imperial Mahjong is a puzzle game based on the Chinese game called “Mahjong Solitaire”, in which the player must make all the tiles disappear by selecting pairs that match. The rules are very simple, and well explained within the game (press ESC to open the menu).

The game features:

  • Outstanding new graphic modes:
    • EGX (Extended GraphX): displays 16 colors in 320*200 instead of 4.
    • EGX2: displays 4 colors in 640*200 instead of 2.
  • First game on CPC to have digi-drums during the whole game.
  • Sample during the loading of the game at FDC full speed.
  • Introduction music using 3-channel Sample-SIDs, in stereo.
  • More than 30 minutes of music.

The game is freely downloadable here. Enjoy!