Pif Paf Pouet Boum – Byte ’99 Contest

Code & music: Ramlaid, Targhan.
Gfx: Targhan, Ramlaid.
Music: Targhan (based on ‘Carioca’ by Les Nuls).
Release date: 1999.
Platform: CPC, 128k. Compatible CPC+, CRTC 0,1,4, Emulators. Problems on CRTC 2.
This is not really a demo, just a short production made entierely at the Byte’99 meeting, where we had to create something (demo, music, gfx…) based on a theme chosen randomly… which happened to be ‘Pif Paf Pouet Boum’. Not an easy task ! I teamed with Ramlaid and we coded and drawn all this in a night. We had a disc crash and Madram helped us a lot to recover the whole and present it five (!) hours after the deadline. We won a NeoGeo Pocket ! It was a lot of fun.
Download DSK