Orion Prime

Code, Music: Targhan.
Gfx: Super Sylvestre (Les Sucres En Morceaux), Grim.
Release date: 2009.
Platform: Any CPC with 128kb (WinAPE users: unselect the “Fast Drive option”!).
Language: French, English, German, Spanish.
Orion Prime is the biggest game ever made on CPC! It’s a point’n’click adventure game in which you must escape from a huge ship, the Orion Prime, before you are slain like the rest of the unfortunate crew… Includes many technical feats:

  • More than 45 screens to explore.
  • Some full-screen images displayed in 125 colours.
  • One hour of interactive music, including 18khz three-channel digitalised music.
  • More than three minutes of cinematic sequences.
  • Ultra-fast musical disc loader.
  • Four mini-games.
  • And much more…

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