Code: Targhan, Grim.
Gfx: Targhan.
Music: Grim.
Release date: 2004.
Platform: CPC, 128k. Compatible CPC+, CRTC 0,1,4, Emulators. Problems on CRTC 2.
THIS IS JUST A JOKE! The contest of the Amstrad Expo ’04 was ‘April’s fool’. So we used this as a pretext to make a joke about the ‘DemoIzArt’ megademo (which is not a joke!) we’ve been working on for 8 years… We won the prize! This ‘megademo’ consists of an intro, a main menu and 3 parts! Of course all was made for them to be complete crap. Targhan drew most of the gfxs, and Grim wrote the songs!! You’ve never heard anything like that before!
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