Arkos Tracker 1.0

Code: Targhan.
Additional Design:  SuperSylvestre (Les Sucres En Morceaux).
Release date: 2009/2010.
Platform: Windows-based PC with .NET framework (included command line tools works with Mono, but Arkos Tracker requires .NET).
Based on the STarKos yet improving it, this tracker will allow you to use the AY at its full capabilities. You can listen to your songs on PC, but also in real-time on your CPC if it is fitted with a CPCBooster! Every song can be then rendered to WAV or YM in a blink of an eye. On top of that, the binary songs exported to your CPC are played with the fastest (non-streamed) player ever (only 25 scanlines max on CPC, on Spectrum, max TM is 5300t, average is 2400t using the “Molusk” song!). Manuals, player sources, and plenty of demo songs are included in the package.
The package also includes a player which has a fixed number of cycles (CPC only)! Though slower (35 scanlines), it is very useful when coding a highly synchronized production!
Arkos Tracker can be used to compose for Amstad CPC, Spectrum, Pentagon 128K and MSX.
Though the software itself will only work on Windows, the included tools (AKStoYM, STKtoAKS and AKStoBIN) can work on any OS with Mono installed.
Note: some people have reported issues over the years:

  • Software not running at all: try decrease the font size of your OS.
  • Software freezing on playing: sadly, I have no solution on this. On Windows 10, I had this issue from time to time, and I can’t figure out why!

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