Arkos ROM Pack

Code: Targhan, Grim. CRTC Test by Offset (Futurs).

Latest version: 1.1.
Release date: 2006.
Platform: CPC with any ROM Board.
language: English, French.

A wonderful pack of ROMs, that will become the users’ best friend! Along with the CPC Booster extension by Antitec/Dirty Minds, and a little PC program (compatible with any Windows version), you’ll be able to transfer any file and DSK from a PC, and the opposite! The roms remain very useful if you don’t have the CPCBooster anyway. Have a look at the features :

  • SNArkos 1.4: Transfer a SNA file from PC to the CPC memory through the CPC Booster! A dream for cross-developers!
  • WriteDSK 1.2: Allows to transfer a DSK from a 720k MS DOS disc to the CPC, or directly from the PC with the CPCBooster.
  • ReadDSK 1.0: Generates a DSK of the current CPC disc to the PC.
  • GetFile/SendFile: Send any file, binary, basic or ascii, between the PC and the CPC !
  • SetBoot: Defines a file as ‘boot’. Once done, a simple CAT (+Shift) on your disc and the file will run automatically!
  • Includes a CRTC Test at boot.

… and a lot of other very cool RSXs for a more conformable use of your CPC.

Also includes executables of WriteDSK and ReadDSK if you don’t have a Ramcard. Don’t hesitate anymore, download it! Manuals are included.

Download DSK
Download files