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    I have been recently using Arkos Tracker 2 with Cpctelera for music and sound effects and its been working great.
    However sometimes the music seems to drown out the sound effects.
    Is there an easy way to export or play the music at a lower volume to allow the sound effects to stand out more.
    Or is the only solution to adjust the instruments in the music to be softer?

    I am using the AKM player.
    Using this configuration but don’t really understand what the options do.

    PLY_CFG_ConfigurationIsPresent = 1
    PLY_CFG_UseSpeedTracks = 1
    PLY_CFG_UseEffects = 1
    PLY_CFG_NoSoftNoHard = 1
    PLY_CFG_SoftOnly = 1
    PLY_CFG_UseEffect_SetVolume = 1



    One way is indeed to decrease all the sounds of the music by yourself. The other option would be to modify the player and decrease the volumes as soon as it reads one (in the instrument). However, we have to make sure the hardware sounds are not decrease too.

    I didn’t test this, but I *think* that the PLY_AKM_PSS_Shared_AdjustVolume method could do that:
    Just after the “and %1111”, try a “sub X” (where X is how much to decrease).

    Tell me if it works! This could be something I could add in the player (as an option).

    >Using this configuration but don’t really understand what the options do.
    Well, the beauty of it is that you don’t have to understand it! Simply include the file before the player, and the player will use these options to optimize itself on compile time. This is not mandatory, but who’s against a faster and smaller player? 🙂


    Hi Targhan,

    That was a quick response.

    So I tried adding a sub X under and %1111 in PLY_AKM_PSS_Shared_AdjustVolume (PlayerAkm.asm) and it did make the music quieter but my game started playing random sound effects that shouldn’t be there.

    Optimisation sounds good to me (especially when I don’t have to do the work), I wondered if there was any configuration I was supposed to do here but it sounds like its all about turning off what you don’t need.


    Mmmh, the simple fact of adding a “sub” provokes unwanted sound effects? Do you mean SFXs or glitches?

    As for the configuration, do not attempt to modify it, as indeed it removes all the features the player manages but your song doesn’t.


    Initially it is working fine and then once I play one of the more complicated sound effects it starts having unwanted sounds.

    The sounds its playing aren’t the sound effects that I have created but they aren’t unpleasing sounds such as something has gone horribly wrong. They sometimes sound a bit related to the music but I’m not completely convinced on that.


    I think I figured it out!

    I think the right code is:

    and %1111
    jr c,PLY_AKM_PSS_Shared_AdjustVolume_Overflow
    sub (ix + PLY_AKM_Data_OffsetTrackInvertedVolume)
    ret nc
    xor a

    Two “sub”s one after the one is wrong, if the first overflows, it won’t be detected if the second doesn’t.
    Tell me if it works.


    Yes that looks (or rather sounds) to be working well.

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