Compiling the players

The Z80 players

The Z80 players can be compiled with Rasm or SJasmPlus. They can not be directly compiled with Winape. If you try to convert them, watch out for the operator priority (* and / over + and -, etc.). I will not change the sources to support limited assemblers, as great alternatives exist.



People wanting to use Orgams on their beloved CPC are not left behind: a raw converter will make the import less painful. This converter is written in Python (download Python >=3 here), and is in the package here: players/

Use the -h option to get the options, but the main usage is:

python -i <Z80 input file> -o <Orgasm output file> [-rc] [-oe <address>]

Use the -rc option to Remove the Comments, which can come in handy to limit the memory consumption.

Use the -oe option to add the ORG <address> / ENT $ mnemonics at the beginning of the source.

Warning, the current version of Orgams produces a “DOS error” at the end of the import. Fortunately, the import still works anyway. The AKY source has been successfully imported. The Lightweight produces some errors, because of Orgams inability to use forward declaration for IX/IY. This can be changed by modifying the source, but I will not do it as it would reduce the code readability.