After a very long time of hard work, here it is finally ! We've been working on this megademo for almost 9 years. Even if it's not as big as we originally planned, it still looks great, and is one of the best megademo on CPC ! All that hasn't been included will be released somehow, so don't worry, there will be no waste ! Enjoy !

To transfer it on CPC, it is advised to use WriteDSK (see the Tools section), but Cpctrans and Cpdwrite will work fine too.

Release Date : April 2005  Platform : Any CPC (Emulated or not) with 128Kb RAM. Some bugs may occurs with CRTC 2.
Press the keys 1 to 5 to go directly to a demopart when running the demo.

Download DemoIzArt  

Loading system

FDC Rout' and music by Targhan.
Bigxel and cycling by Grim.


Code and music by Targhan.
Graphics by Rainbird and Grim.


Critical Area

Code and graphics by Rainbird.
Music by Targhan.


Code by Ramlaid.
Gfx by Beb (Overlanders). Original gfx by RSX .
Music by Targhan.


Code and music by Targhan.
Gfx by Super Sylvestre.
Original gfx by 3D Addict.

The Gates to Delirium

Code and music by Targhan.
Gfx by Rainbird.

Infoscreen / End Part

Code and music by Targhan.
Gfx by Grim.

Cut Scenes
DemoIzArt - the Cutscenes, is coming soon ! All the parts that are ready, but were discarded will be linked as one megademo.
Coming soon !
©1991-2005 Arkos, CPC scene leading group! :)